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<p>Learn the intricacies of the Indian political system and its workings.</p>


This modular course is designed for students who are not comfortable in Polity. The course gives them an opportunity to prepare as well as revise this segment thoroughly with the help of the best teachers in the industry, and that too at the comfort of studying at home.

Key Highlights

Comprehensive coverage of the Indian Constitution and its amendments

In-depth analysis of the three branches of the Indian government

Detailed explanation of constitutional bodies such as the Election Commission and Comptroller and Auditor General

What you will learn

Understanding the Indian Constitution

Learn about the Preamble, Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles of State Policy and other important features of the Indian Constitution.

Structure of the Indian Government

Understand the hierarchy and duties of the three branches of the Indian government and their inter-relationship.

Federalism in India

Learn about the relationship between the Union government and the state governments, including the division of powers and responsibilities.

Constitutional Bodies in India

Understand the role and functions of constitutional bodies such as the Election Commission, Comptroller and Auditor General, and the National Human Rights Commission.



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About the creator

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